Smart Dispatch

Our advanced taxi dispatch system offers wide-range of flexible dispatch methods and features an in-cab driver screen. We offer self-hosting or cloud based options, and the system has capabilities to support multi-city, and multi-fleets.

Key features

  • Tablets or ruggedized data terminals
  • Fully configurable real-time dispatch
  • Multi-city and multi-fleet capable
  • Self-hosted or cloud based
  • Flexible feature rich system

Key benefits

  • Drivers earn more money
  • Faster service times for customers
  • Popular with Drivers
  • Tools to win more customers
  • Smart vehicle optimisation during busy periods

Smart Dispatch Methods

Taxi businesses across the world utilise our fast and accurate industry-leading dispatch system. Our focus is to make your vehicles as efficient as possible, increase driver income, and provide quicker service times to your customers. We have a range of configurable algorithms for different times of the week, so that your business can achieve the best results.

Self-Hosting or Cloud Based

You have the option to choose to operate from a cloud based system, or if you prefer you can operate from your own servers. Our solutions provide you with many choices to fit your budget and business model.

Driver Screen – Ruggedized MDT or Tablet

Third party tablets or mobile phones are becoming increasingly popular due to the low cost of ownership. Our customers continue to choose one of our intelligent Mobile Data Terminals (MDT), which comprise of a 7-inch colour touch screen, and a remote control for in-and-out of vehicle use. The terminal includes 3G and private radio band options, dual processors, extensive memory, USB, serial, digital I/O, and an integrated 3G modem.

Increase Drivers and Customers

Our system comes with an extensive range of features that are self-configurable and flexible, allowing you to tune your business to attract more drivers and customers. We provide your business with the solutions to optimise your fleet during busy periods and profile customers, to ensure the services are being delivered in a smooth and professional manner.

Multi-City and Multi-Fleet

Increase your income by offering call taking and dispatch services to taxi companies in cities around you, or to other taxi companies within your city, with our advanced sharing software. Drive down your costs by sharing overheads and streamlining multiple operations.

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