Management Efficiency Tools

Review business efficiency with our management dashboards, and use our maintenance and claims solution to ensure safety on the road.

Key features

  • iPad Management dashboards
  • Extensive reporting
  • Real-time information on business
  • Driver Profiling
  • Customer Profiling

Key benefits

  • Improve customer service
  • React to poor performance immediately
  • Know your customers trends
  • Understand your best performers
  • Retrain and improve under-performers

Management Dashboards

Have a clear understanding of what has occurred, and what is currently occurring in your business, with our management dashboards. This tool is designed to assist managers with improving performance and keeping them informed, around, vehicle and driver performance, information on customer profiling, and a three year trend of KPI’s month by month.

Maintenance and Claims Workshop

The maintenance workshop program is a comprehensive, integrated software package, which manages stock control, vehicle service scheduling, and tracks the costs of vehicles over their useful life. The claims program allows management to track accident reporting, including all participants, witnesses, police officers details, and witness statements.

Customer Relationship Manager (CRM)

Learn, and understand your customers with our CRM module. Our CRM module records the number of bookings made by a customer, booking methods, and the last ten pick-up and destination locations. The module also groups customers in an automatic grading system based on their usage of your company.

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