Driver Management & Training

Our driver portal provides drivers with real feedback from their customers, while also displaying their performance, such as reliability and hygiene, in a meaningful manner. Identify key improvement areas that may need further training.

Key features

  • Driver performance profiling
  • Track fleet trends
  • Real-time driver notification & feedback
  • Driver training portal
  • Driver improvement portal

Key benefits

  • Learn how to increase passenger experience
  • Improve your driver’s professionalism
  • Encourage and promote drivers to improve
  • Increase driver safety and protection
  • Identify problem areas for drivers

Real Customer Feedback

Get real customer feedback. Customers can rate drivers based on their hygiene, punctuality, the route taken, safety, and professionalism. Drivers will have access to this information, which is presented in meaningful manner, encouraging them to improve and provide customers with the best experience possible.

Driver Performance and Training

We not only have tools to teach drivers, but we also track their performance and progress through the tracking and dispatch system. Taxi businesses and drivers will have access to various statistics, ratings and information, identifying areas that may improvement and further training, such as number of jobs accepted and reliability.

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